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The Woman with the Pen

The Woman with the Pen (she’s an exceptional scribe, graphic designer, and writer) is Susan Shumway Ridenour. A native of Chicago, Illinois, she grew up in Ottawa, Kansas and is a graduate of Ottawa University and the Washburn University School of Law in Topeka, Kansas.

After years of practicing law in Colorado and Kansas, Susan put her skills and experience to work as a small business manager and consultant. Volunteering to address Wedding Invitations led her in a new direction. Now she’s happily immersed in a new vocation, Cursive Handwriting & Design Services.

Susan says: “When I was in grade school, learning to write in cursive, my Dad Keith showed particular interest in how my cursive was coming along. He considered handwriting important and encouraged me to take pride in my cursive.” She listened. Ever since then, Susan’s lovely cursive handwriting has garnered compliments. They say that cursive handwriting is becoming a lost art. Susan intends to preserve it and celebrate it.

Graphic Design

For over 40 years Susan has used her creativity and graphic design skills to benefit schools, churches, non-profits, businesses, individuals and couples. Shes a professional. She loves it so much you wouldnt have to pay her for graphic design. But shed appreciate it.


Susan’s had a knack for website design and development since the Web got into full swing in the ‘90s. And now, Facebook and other social media pages. (They havent been around that many years.) Thinking about updating your website? 

She would love to help you with that.


Susan is the daughter of a teacher and a college professor. They encouraged her to excel and embrace the written word. Susan has a B.A. in Communication and a law degree, too. She’s an exceptional writer and editor with a mastery of presenting the written word on paper and onscreen effectively.

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